Monday, May 21, 2012

A GREAT Shop to visit, and some catching up...

Hello Friends...

Boy, do I have some catching up to do!!!

If you read my last post, I was having some computer issues and had to take it in for service...four days later, I got it back and apparently it wasn't as bad as we thought, so that was good, but we still have problems with our Internet "cutting out" and we have been told that that is a problem with our provider, so unfortunately it is just something we are going to have to live with.

The day we got our computer back, our 12 year old Golden Retriever, Riley, who is a "BIT" overweight...fell down the stairs going out to the back yard and hurt his back leg. We thought for sure it was broken because the poor old guy couldn't even stand and he was in so much pain!!! :( We rushed him to the vet, and the first thing she did...before she even fully examined him...was to start trying to convince us to put him down!!

My husband and I were pretty much put out by this, but I kept my composure, and once she was done talking, I told her that that wasn't an option for us, so she THEN decided to do ex rays and we found that his leg wasn't broken, just a bad sprain. THANK GOODNESS!!!

Next, she did a full exam and now she wants to do surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor in his mouth (one that we were already aware of) and all sorts of other tests. When I voiced my concern about Riley's age and going under anesthesia, I think she got a little annoyed, because there is always risk during surgery, but her attitude really rubbed us the wrong way, and since she seemed to think that he should be put down to begin with, we have decided to think things through further...I guess that maybe a second opinion is in order. Oh how I miss our old vets, Dr. Bruce and Dr. Pape!!!

Today Riley is doing much better. His meds are working beautifully and he is a completely different dog...happy and full of tail-waggin' love and energy!!

I see that I have missed out on a lot of great posts by my blogging friends!! I'll try my best to catch up on some reading. From a quick glance, I could see that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

So did I...I didn't get to see either of my own sweet kids, but my husband and I drove up to see my Mom the Saturday before...that's when my computer took a poop! We went back to Lodi to Cottage House Primitives ...and this time, I remembered to take my camera along!!

Here are a few pics of Carol and her shop...

 Carol is so sweet and is always such fun going there!!

Cottage House Primitives is full of great quality reproductions, early style lighting, and so much more...with a few antiques mixed in.

 This is the Rug Hooking and Punch-Needle area of Carol's shop. She has top quality bolted wool...

 ...and all kinds of beautiful over-dyed wools as well...just look at those wonderful, yummy colors!!!

At Cottage House Primitives, you will also find some great upholstered pieces, as well as some terrific reproduction Colonial pieces.

Carol also provides her customers with a terrific assortment of textiles and bedding. Everything from window treatments to coverlets and even a fabric selection to make your own custom curtains and accessories!!

If you are ever in the Madison, WI area, be sure to look up Carol and her shop, she is located in Lodi, about a 30 minute drive from the capitol.

Before I sign off for the day, I wanted to let you all know that I have rescheduled my May Update for Wednesday, May 30th.

I will be away from my home office for a few days during the holiday weekend, so I thought it best to set the date for after we that Riley doesn't require my constant care and watchful eye, I might just be able to find a little time to get a few more items finished for the up-date...we'll see...I sure can use a few days off!!!

OK...the day's-a-wastin' off I go.

Have a safe, happy, and just plain WONDERFUL week!!

Tina :)


  1. Makes me want to go shopping there! But I think it'd have to be a little more than a day trip for me. :~)

  2. I'm glad Riley is getting better and you don't have to put him down.

    What a beautiful shop Carol has. Wish I lived closer.


  3. Hi Tina,
    Good to hear Riley is up and about...two words...second opinion!
    What a wonderful shop! We are all out of primitive shops down here. There were several a few years ago, but they have closed their doors. :( Love the black and mustard coverlet pattern on that chair. Some day!
    Have a great week and enjoy the long weekend,

  4. I am glad Riley is doing better also! I can imagine how you felt when that vet acted so unkind! The shop is wonderful~~I see many thingsI would love to have~Have a wonderful Memorial Day~ Candi

  5. Vets....
    Our neighbour has a small dog four weeks ago she said that she was with her by the vet he said your dog is pregnant and shall have her pups (first time pregnant) over two / three weeks this vet prescribe precial food for her and she got a large bill.... today she was to another vet..... can you guess.... She wasn't pregnate at all!!!!
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures!
    groetjes Marijke (NL)

  6. I know you are in Wisconsin, not sure how far from Hales Corners but I go to a vet there, her name is Dr. Lenner, Hales Corners Vet clinic. She is wonderful. I too have had Goldens. She was wonderful with my last one Hunter and did only what needed to be done to keep him comfy, gave us lots of options. She is now caring for my 1 year old Murphy. She is great. Gives you lots of info to help make decisions. She is a graduate of Wisconsin (Go Badgers). Hope things go well with Riley!
    I also have been to Carol's shop. She is a sweetie and I LOVE her shop. Always new stuff to see!

    Love your blog

    Kathy LeMere

    1. Hi Kathy...always nice to hear from a fellow Badger fan...counting the days till football season starts!!!

      Thanks so much for the info on your Vet. I just googled Hales Corners and you are fairly close to us...we are currently in Janesville until we find a house, so you're not too far away.

      We have had two wonderful Vets, one back up near Appleton and the other was in Ohio. LOVED them both, so caring and informative, just how you described your Dr. Lenner...hey, if she is a graduate of UW she HAS to be good!! :)

      Thanks for posting and so happy that you enjoy my blog. Tina

  7. Hi Tina,
    Goodness we have such trust in our Vet with our fur babies and sometimes they treat our feelings and the animal like they are disposable.
    Glad you stuck to your beliefs and that Riley is doing much better.
    Our son/dil has/had Golden's and always had problems with cancerous tumors...I think it's a thing with Golden's.

    And then there's Cottage House of my favorite Wisconsin shops and Carol is a wonderful lady - almost went there on Sat. but we went in another direction instead.
    Now what did you purchase lady!!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend.


  8. Great looking shop. But no picture of Riley! We had a rotten female know-it-all at the Akron clinic, who got our hopes up when there was none, and ended up putting BJ through hell and she died alone out there. We were devastated and she never even called. We should have followed our gut. Glad your boy is doing well!