Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Quick and Important Note...

Good morning everyone...

I only have a minute because I am at my husband's office to post this and to hurry me along, he is looking over my shoulder as I write.

I wanted to let you all know that my MAY UP-DATE is going to be postponed until further notice.

Over the weekend our computer started to give us fits and we had to take it in yesterday of right now, we still haven't heard anything so I decided to just go ahead and cancel tonight's up-date this morning while I was able to get the use of a computer for a few minutes. Please watch either here or go to my PT to see when the new date and time are going to be.

I am very sorry about this...I have some neat new pin-keep and sampler designs for this up-date along with a couple of small hookings!!

OK, Hubby needs to get to work, and I need to get back home. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!! Hope to be back soon!!

Have a wonderful day, Tina


  1. good luck with your computeer issues! dont worry we will be waiting! enjoy your day!

  2. Computers seem to rule our lives don't they????
    Hope you get it back soon...if you are like most of us we NEED our link to the world.