Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Up-Date Tonight!!

Greetings Friends...

I am finally back!!!

I know that some of you have been wondering what in the world has happened to me and, but unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of time to write about it this morning, so.....

.....on to the business at hand!!

Call me "crazy" but I have decided to have a small Christmas Up-Date tonight!!!

I have had so many emails asking if/when I would be offering some more of my hand-mades and antique smalls that I went ahead and scheduled one for this evening!!

The up-date will be rather small as I have been so busy with book sales, but I did manage to get a few stitched items finished and I found a few sweet antique smalls to offer as well.

There will be a few Christmas themed cross-stitched pieces, as well as a couple "everyday" stitched pieces, a darling little red wagon, a wonderful small wooden bucket, tin candle mold, to name just a few...

***PLEASE NOTE*** I will only be answering emails that come in through my "YAHOO" account for the up-date tonight...I will NOT be answering any emails through AOL.

I love hearing from you, so I do hope that you can find a little time to stop by and check things out!!

For today's post, I have a photo of a WONDERFUL EARLY BELSNICKLE that my husband John bought me for my "early" Christmas present this year...isn't he FABULOUS?!!!!

SO SORRY...he is NOT going to be for sale!!

We found him down in Arthur, IL this past weekend when I was down there doing a book signing with my friend Lori Rippey, who so graciously came down to help me at my booth...

...I'll talk more about that in another post!!

For now...I have to go answer some emails and get ready for tonight's up-date. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!!

Have a SUPER day...I know I will, it was snowing just a weeeee little bit when I took the boys out for their walk this morning!! :) :) :) Tina


  1. Mornin' Tina!...I will look forward to your update this evening and oh what joy to have a wee bit of snow falling!!...enjoy the day!


  2. I love looking at your updates! I love your Blsnickle, he is just so appealing. I hope your book sales are going well!