Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meet Bettina...

Hello Friends...

I know, I has been way too long since I have posted!!

In my defense, I have been very busy both taking orders and shipping books!! It has been like nothing I have ever experienced before and I want to thank you all for your orders, kind emails, and comments here on my blog as well as on my Picture trail...not to mention my undying gratitude to all of you have posted pictures of my book as well as all of the wonderful reviews that you all posted on your web-sites, blogs, and face-book about how much you love the book!!


On today's post, I thought it would be fun to show you a VERY SPECIAL little rag doll that my good friend Lori Rippey made especially for me!!

For those of you who don't know Lori...she is a very talented doll maker and folk artist and I just LOVE her work!! (you can see for yourself by clicking on the link at the side bar to the right..."Homespun Prims by Lori")

I called Lori up one day and asked her if she would make me a doll that resembled the old rag stuffed cloth dolls from the 19th century. I simply told her what I wanted and she made the doll "exactly" to my specifications and I couldn't have been happier with the end result!!

Lori even researched the web for early girls names until she found an "old" name perfectly suited for my doll..."Bettina" is what she came up with and I think that the name is PERFECT!

Here are a few pictures...I have her sitting next to an antique boy doll that I found last summer in Ohio (you might remember Cloyse from an earlier post) and in her lap is a small stuffed dog, also made by Lori.

Bettina was actually supposed to make her public debut in the pages of "An Early Christmas", but unfortunately I ran out of room and had to cut pages from my chapter of the book. :( :( :(

Isn't she a wonderful "early" looking doll? Just look at the detailing...I love her little hands!!

Her face is pencil drawn and her head is floppy and bumpy because she is stuffed with rags. She has a wonderful heavy feel to her!

The little bonnet in the background is also the work of Lori's talented hands!!!

A little bird told me that Lori is having an UP-DATE on her Picture trail this week and guess what??? I was told that there will be at least one "Bettina" doll for sale on her up-date!! I am not sure of the exact date and time of the up-date, but I do know that Lori is doing a preview of her offerings sometime tomorrow on her blog, so please try to find a little time to check it out, OK?

Well My Friends...I hear my neglected husband calling me to come down and watch a little TV, so I think I had better get going.

As Always, I thank you so kindly for stopping by!! Have a  W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L week!!



  1. Bettina is beautiful and I love her little dog too!

  2. Hi Tina!...Bettina is lovely!...I have several of Lori's dolls and love each and every one!...can't wait for her update!


  3. What a sweet doll with an even sweeter dog! Yes, I love dogs.

  4. Hi Tina,
    I couldn't agree more that Lori is an "artist extraordinaire" and I feel so blessed to call her "friend" as well! We recently did a swap and I am now the proud owner of one of her little rugs, which I posted about as well!
    I love her dolly and dog and they look like they are getting along perfectly with Cloyse!
    So glad you shared with us!!

  5. Your dolls & little dog are all so wonderful. This doll will hold special memories of your friend in the years to come. I love to make rag dolls too so I will have to check Lori's blog out. I may make them but I have purchased from other doll makers to add to my collection. Blessings!

  6. Morning Tina,
    Well your book sure has the attention of all Prim lovers out there...I've had many ladies ask about your book...all I can tell them is BUY ONE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS AND ARTICLES...and I do know some did buy it.

    What a gorgeous doll...Tina did awesome work.