Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Very Special Gift...

...From a VERY Special Friend!

Good morning everyone...

I wanted to share something very special with you all this morning!!

I received a wonderful gift in the mail yesterday. It was a small box from my new friend Barbara Strickland...she is one of the girls who's home was featured in my book, "An Early Christmas", and when I opened the box and saw what was inside, I almost dropped over with excitement!! (You can read her story in the second chapter of my book entitled, "From Her Hands")

The gift was a BEAUTIFUL hand painted portrait of a Colonial Gentleman!!

Barbara...I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so very much for sending me such an amazing and very special gift!!! Barbara lovingly painted the portrait for me in appreciation for including her in my book. It brought me to tears and I immediately tried calling her to thank her, but I kept getting a recording telling me that "all circuits were busy", so I finally gave up...Barbara, if you are reading this, I promise to call you sometime this week!!

I already have the potrtait hanging in my Sitting Room, so I thought that I would post a couple of pictures so that you can all see what a talaneted artist Barbara is, and so you can all also see what a lucky girl I am to have received it!!

Here is a close-up that I took before I hung it up.

I thought that it looked so nice here under the lit sconce!!

Yup...I think it looks mighty nice here...looks like this Colonial Gentleman has found his new home!!

THANK YOU AGAIN BARBARA...I will treasure him always!!

Well, Friends...I have a R-E-A-L-L-Y busy morning, so I will say good-bye for now...have a wonderful day...It is just beautiful here today, so I want to get all of my work done early so that I can get outside and enjoy of little of this sunshine while I still can!

Thanks ever so kindly for stopping by!! Tina


  1. What a beautiful gift! I can't wait to get my book so I can see more of her beautiful work!
    TFS Tina!

  2. What a phenominal artist Barbara is! And I love where you put this very special gentlemanly gift!! I have so enjoyed reading about Barbara's home and all the other's in your book Tina. Thank you for sharing this very special gift I know you will treasure forever. Lori

  3. Oh my what a special gift indeed and it looks absolutely perfect in its new home!


  4. AWesome gift! Can't wait to receive my book.

  5. What a beautiful and special gift from Barbara! I love where you have it hung -- it is just lovely...

    I received your book and it is amazing!! I am definitely enjoying all the outstanding decorating .... a wonderful book!

  6. Tina you deserved that wonderful thoughtful gift!! Your book is so great!! I have just looked at the pictures about 100 times, I probably could have read it all, but I want to wait to read it when I have time to really savor each and every word!!!
    Don't you think that primitive and colonial folks are just the nicest people!!
    Barbara is very talented and sweet!!
    I hope you enjoyed your day!

  7. Morning Tina,
    What a beautiful thoughtful gift...and well deserved. Your article about her was wonderful.

    I like how you have it displayed and I'm sure Barbara will be happy to see it there when she reads your blog.


  8. Tina: What a wonderful gift. The painting is just beautiful. I can't wait to receive my book...I just sent you payment. :) Jeanne

  9. That is just wonderful, what a great friend! I love the placement of it on your wall!

  10. Love the portrait! Barbara is such a talented artist. I loved looking at her beautiful home, among all the other beautiful homes you displayed. Your book is just wonderful...I have read it over and over again.