Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Greetings...

Greetings Friends...

I want to take a minute to thank you all for the nice emails I have been getting about my new Christmas book, "An Early Christmas".

I am happy to hear that so many of you are already receiving your copies and that you are all so thrilled with the end result!! It does my heart SO good to know that all you are all so excited about it and I love hearing about your favorite homes, stories, etc. Please keep those emails coming, I don't care how busy I am filling orders, I will never get tired of hearing from you!

One sweet customer told me that she especially loved the "Child's Christmas" section and that one of the stories reminded her of her youth and how it brought tears to her eyes...another emailed and said that the book put her in such Christmas Spirit that she would start decorating for Christmas now if she thought her husband would let her get away with it!!! Another told me that she bought the book as a gift for a friend and how excited she was to receive it, and the list goes on...I am humbled by the response, and so very grateful to you all!!!

As much as I would like to start decorating for Christmas also...I think that I should just stick to the holidays at hand!! With Halloween and Thanksgiving approaching so quickly, I certainly don't want to take anything away from them...I love Fall so much and I FINALLY took a little time this morning to post a few pictures of my Fall decorating on my PT.  so I thought I should let you all know so that you could go and check them out.

Here is a little peek...

The Kitchen Table...and a wonderful, lumpy, bumpy pumpkin!!

A Funny Little Jack...

The Family Room...

Obviously, I didn't have a whole lot of time to do much decorating, but I did manage to get some things done before the books arrived, so please take a minute to check them out, OK?

As always, I thank you so kindly for stopping by...

Happy Fall...Tina


  1. Hi Tina~I have been trying to e-mail you at but it keeps being returned with the mailer daemon message. Would you mind e-mailing me and then I could return with my e-mail? I am so sorry for the trouble but I don't know how else to contact you. My e-mail address is Thanks so much! Judy

  2. Evening Tina.

    I must say...I LOVE MY BOOK...I knew what it was when I saw the box and I slowly opened it and just stared at the cover...HOW BEAUTIFUL. The inside....AWESOME.

    All comments and e-mails are very deserving.

    If you ever put out another book I will for sure be on the list.

  3. Thanks Karen!!! JUDY, I did get two emails from you yestserday, but my internet was in and out...mostly OUT all day yesterday, I will email you later today as I will be gone all morning running errands. Thanks for posting...Tina

  4. Mornin' Tina!...your home pictures are as lovely as ever...I thoroughly enjoyed them and will most likely return for another look when I have more time...thanks so much for sharing!...I can't wait to get my book order...I've already got a waiting list for them!


  5. Can't wait to see the book ~ I have ordered one from my friend Janet! Best wishes on this venture!! HUGS!!

  6. Hi Tina,
    Your decorating is just beautiful and so inspiring!!
    I am so looking forward to your book coming to New England Saltbox! I think Marlene placed the order yesterday and I can't wait as there are several people we know from WA that are in it!!
    I have heard wonderful things and know it is AMAZING!! Thanks for all of your hard work in creating a wonderful new primitive Christmas book to enjoy for years to come!!
    Blessings to you~~
    (primitiveheartstrings blog)