Thursday, July 21, 2011


OK everyone..I know that you will all think I am crazy, but I am going to come right out and say it anyways...

I WANT WINTER!!!!! anyone else out there tired of these unbearable temperatures??? 90's and 100's with the heat index, and it isn't even August!!  The really sad thing is that we don't have it nearly as bad here as folks in other parts of the country. It's making me a little crazy, and I am irritable, cranky, and unable to focus on my work.

I love summer...I really do, but OMG, I want it to cool least a little!!

The heat isn't all that has me cranky...I feel like I am living in a dungeon...My husband heard somewhere that if you pull all of your blinds, you will conserve up to 45% more energy, so he insists that we live in darkness until this weather breaks. GRRRR...gotta love him in spite of it though!! :)

The other day a storm came through and it got even darker. I decided to light a few of my antique lanterns and pretend to be living in the past. It would have been fine if it were night time, but something just didn't feel right about wandering around the house during the day with only a lantern to light my way!! I found myself wondering if this was how my great grandmother Nettie might have felt back in the late 1800's if she had been presented with the same situation.

It was fun for a little while, and oh how I would love to be able to go back in time just long enough to experience the early ways of our ancestors, but then reality took over, and I realized that I needed to get back to work, so I tucked those thoughts away in my mind and will revisit them another day. I tried to take pictures of the lantern that I carried from room to room, but it was too dark, and they didn't turn out!!! Maybe in another post.

In an attempt to cool down a little, I thought I would post a couple pictures from this past APRIL...just to remind myself that this heat really isn't so bad and that in a few months, I will be wishing for these hot temperatures again!!
This was the last snowfall we had this past spring. Very pretty, but not so welcomed at the time!

Our back yard.

Front of the house...OK...I take back what I said earlier...I don't think I want winter after all...I'll just wait it out like everyone else...after all, if it were winter now, I would have missed out on fall, and that is my favorite season of all!! :) :) :)

Wishing you all cooler days ahead!!


  1. hi, Tina
    yes, it is getting very frustrating~ I also love summer & want to enjoy it~ but it is too hot to do anything outside~ like today it is just plain miserable in ohio, my neck of the wood~ I like the 70's not 90' and plus~ ~ but also like you~ I don't want to miss the beauty of fall and I sure don't want single digit temps either~
    smiles & think fall temps~

  2. LOL Tina,
    I completely understand!!
    I always say...
    I hate Winter and I Hate Summer!
    I Love Spring and Fall.
    But this year, We didnt get a Spring!
    It went right from freezing cold to boiling hot!

    Please, Oh Please, let us get a wonderful Fall!!
    (Fingers Crossed!)

    I love the story about your hubby.
    I must admit...
    He sounds like mine.
    So I am going to keep the story about the blinds just between us Girls!

    I giggle out loud picturing you walking around with a lantern in a dark house, in the middle of the day!!! LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing and for lifting my spirits is this literally 102 degree day here in Southern IL.
    Yes, its a 102 outside and feels like a 122.
    If I open the door to walk outside, the heat Slaps Me in the Face!

  3. You will make it through! Close the blinds when the sun is on the windows, on the other side of the house, when you have a window in shadow open the blind and breath! I go to a special friends house, her husband makes her keep all the dark blue blinds closed everyday of the year. It's like being in a window less closet, in every room in the house. She says it doesn't bother her at all! me, I've got to have some daylight!
    Fall will come soon enough, find some good in every day, and keep smiling! Hugging you gently in the heat!

  4. I WANT WINTER TOO Tina!!!...I am so thankful for electricity and A/C!! LOL

  5. Gosh Tina,
    I think you spoke for all of us under this horrible heat condition.
    I too love the cooler weather (not just because of how it is now) but I love cooler weather...maybe not mid Winter but cool.


  6. Awwwww...thanks so much for the wonderful comments girls!! It has actually cooled down a little here today...maybe these pictures of snow did the trick!! Enjoy your day everyone, and have a fun weekend!! Tina

  7. OMG Tina~~anything BUT winter!! The pictures from April are pretty, but only to look at. ;) You know how I feel about the WI. winters. You should give me a call soon....fells like we haven't talked in forever & I don't have your # in my new phone & must not have written it down. <3 Jackie

  8. Hi Tina~
    I feel so badly for all of you that are having such hot temps! I certainly hope it cools off for you....there is nothing worse than heat AND humidity!!!
    We have had just the opposite here in WA and finally today it looked and felt more like summer!! Wish I could send the cool weather your way and you could send me a bit more sunshine!
    Before you know it, it will be Fall!!
    Hang in there and try to stay cool in the A/c!
    Sending COOL Thoughts~~