Monday, August 1, 2011

Let There Be Light...

Good morning everybody!!!

I had hoped to post again late last week, but we have had power outages and computer problems on and off EVERY day since last week Thursday!!!

It meant for a very frustrating past few days, and I am sure that I will have to take my computer in to be looked at, because these days, I can't afford to be without one for very long!! We just got this one in March, so we can't figure out what the problem is!!! not happy about this!!!

OK...enough on that subject!!!

When the power went out on Saturday afternoon, I found my self in almost total darkness...AGAIN...and once again, I had to rely on my trusty old lantern to guide me around the house!! This time, however, I was able to get a few shots of the "famous" lantern.

I have to tell you all...although I have been complaining a lot about my husband making me keep the shades down in this brutal heat...our last energy bill was $170.00 LESS than it was a year ago!!! That's a HUGE savings, so I guess I won't complain about being in the dark anymore!! After all...the money we saved can go for...HMMMM, let's see...a nice new antique or I right??? :) :) :)

Here is the famous lantern that guided me through the darkness...just like Great Grandma Nettie!! This is on my kitchen table, right next to the big window...which did NOT have the blinds pulled, as you can see in the background, I had to light candles along the fireplace as well...this is how dark it was in the middle of the afternoon!!

Here is a little better look at the lantern...the light from the other candle really helped. It's a good thing that I buy candles almost every time I go to a can NEVER have enough of them!!

Lit the candles all over the house...couldn't help myself...and I didn't want my little sheep to have to sit in total darkness either!!

Well, my friends, I have to say's been fun, but before I go...I just want to thank you all for posting such sweet comments and for sending me so many nice emails. I wish I had time to talk more to each of you...someday soon, OK?

Until next time...Enjoy your week, and be safe!!

Kind Regards, Tina


  1. Hi Tina!...the pics of the lantern light are lovely...thank you for sharing!


  2. Your trusty lantern is gorgeous! Thanks for the beautiful pics. Hope things go better this week.Hugs,Jen

  3. Sorry for your power problems which can really test patience! Candles certainly create ambiance but they are also lifesavers in emergencies. Always a good excuse to buy more!

  4. Hi Tina,
    I LOOOVE THAT LANTERN...and what a fun way to live (for awhile anyway...). It makes our Prims even more Prim looking.
    What a huge difference in the elec. bill...and are to buy something fun with it - those are the rules aren't they???

    Darned ole's always something with them...seems they can never run perfect for too long.


  5. Hi Tina,
    I love the lantern too!!! One year I bought a reproduction witch hat hanging light that was only for candles! My husband teased me about it as did some of our friends! About 3 days later we had huge storms (we were on a Navy base in Monterey CA) and our power went out for 2 days!!! GUESS WHO HAD LIGHT:)Everyone came over and we played games under the light!
    Thank goodness for candles!:) I do love the way it looks, but I would miss electricity :) Hope this week is better!