Monday, June 6, 2011

A Peaceful Place...

Hello Again...

I know what you must be thinking...two posts in one day...I must be sick or something...right???
No, I'm not sick...I just took my "boys" out for a potty break, and when I went out onto the patio, it just looked so pretty, and so peaceful that I had to run right back in to the house and grab my camera!!

Now...I am no gardener, that's for sure...and my thumbs are definitely NOT green, but I do think that the flowers look pretty good despite that fact, so I hope you will enjoy these couple of shots anyways...

Here is what I saw when I first stepped out onto the patio. (see Riley in the background?)

A closer look at the barrel...the flowers are so far behind this year because of the cold and rainy Spring, but they are really starting to grow now!! This is the first year that I have ever done a blue, white, and yellow combination...I think that I like it a lot!! Please excuse the weeds in the background...John didn't get around to spraying over the weekend...maybe later this week! :)

A close-up of the raised area behind the barrel...I don't know what these little blue flowers are...but I love them. They are really this vibrant in person poor hostas got shredded by the large hail in the last storm.

Well, my friends...I simply must get back to work...thanks so much for your visit!!
Have a wonderful week!!
Until next time...Tina


  1. Tina, Your candle light pictures and garden pictures are wonderful...just beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Have a wonderful week! Judy

  2. What a beautiful area to relax~love all the flowers!

  3. I sooooo love your willow furniture! We had some for years but they finally "bit the dust"! I would love to just sit out there and have a talk and drink some good ole sweet tea!:)
    Thanks for all the pictures! I love the candles pic too!! Have a great day!!

  4. Your photos are lovely, your patio looks very inviting, just the place for a quiet rest. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Tina, I just found your blog and have become your newest follower. I love your patio area, so peaceful and serene. And SHADDY! It's in the 90's here in the south today. Love the color combinations of your plants. Hostas are one of my favorite ! Hope you will find time to visit Thru Nanas Window and follow me back. Looking forward to getting to know you and will visit often. Have a great day.