Friday, June 15, 2012


Hello Friends...

I hope that you all had a wonderful week and that you are really enjoying your summer!!

We are still searching for a house...that seems to have become my full-time job these days...I hope we find something soon because I imagine you are all getting tired of hearing me grumble about it...and I for one, am really getting tired of doing all that grumbling!!

Yesterday afternoon my husband called from work and told me he got a call about a house that just went on the market and that he had already set up a showing for tonight. We were pretty excited about it because it was in a neighborhood that we knew we liked...there were no pictures posted of it yet, but the description said "colonial" so we couldn't wait to see it, so we took a ride over to do a drive-by. UGHHH, even thought the house was very pretty from the outside, it was NOT a colonial, and I didn't like the windows, where it was located in the development, etc, so I told my husband to cancel the showing. Needless to say, he wasn't very happy with me...poor guy, I think that he is more anxious to get settled than I am now...but OH WELL...

I don't know why I am being so picky!!! Our plan is to find a "suitable" house to live in for a couple of a little magic on it... and then, when we decide exactly where we want to retire...gosh that word scares me...we are going to look for a lot or small piece of land and build our dream house. I think that we are both getting pretty frustrated though because so far we have found SIX houses that we have liked enough to want to put an offer on and every single one of them had already had accepted offers! What are the odds???!!!???

I have to try to stay positive and keep telling myself that the reason we haven't found anything yet is because the right one just hasn't come along, right?

Maybe we'll find something this weekend. :)

I told you all in my last post that we had a "Tacky Hawaiian" party for our daughter's 27th birthday last weekend...well, here are a couple of pictures for you...

Here is our pretty Birthday Girl!!!

Our son is on the left with the "tacky" orange shirt, Hannah's boyfriend is the tall guy in the middle, and the others kids are their WONDERFUL friends...we just loved every single one of them!!

 Everyone being goofy!

 One of our favorite things about being at our cottage are the views of the beautiful sunsets we can see right out the front of the cottage and off the dock.

Amazing isn't it?

Well, my friends...I have to get back on the realty websites and try to find some new listings, so I will say "Aloha" for now!!

Wishing you all a safe and fun weekend,

Psssst...For my next post, I will give you all a wee little "peek" at some great new FALL things that I have already been working on for my next up-date will be sometime next month. I know that summer has just begun, but I am really excited about working on some "pumpkin" colored things this year since I didn't get to have a Fall up-date last year. :)


  1. Tina,
    What fun pictures! Hannah is a gorgeous girl. The sunsets at the cottage are breathtaking. Hang in there on the house. I know you'll find one soon. I'm itching to do some fall things too but have to finish up what I'm doing now first. Can't wait to see what you are working on. Big hugs, Lori

  2. Looks like a fun group! Beautiful birthday girl! I'd say that gorgeous view is "retirement worthy"! Good luck with your search.