Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Morning Friends...

I hope that you are all having a wonderful week so far...I know that many of you are either feeling the devastation of the wild fires, the dry, HOT weather in the midwest, or being rained out in other parts of the country and my heart aches for you all! It is really dry here too in SE Wisconsin, but so many of you have it far worse...I am praying for relief for all!!

I know that I left a hint in my last post about showing you a wee little peek at some of the Fall items I am currently workling on, but I am going to save that for I have a little story for you...

...I hope you like it!!

Back in the summer of  '79 there were two of them, the older one, was 18 and had just graduted from high school...the other was 17 and just starting to enjoy her last summer vacation before entering her final year of school.

The two sisters were very close. The older one was engaged to be married and planning her November wedding. The younger sister was to be a bridesmaid. All of the attendants pretty much knew each other...the girls were all from the same school and the boys from a different school, but most of them had met at some time or another over the years...all except for the younger sister and the guy she would be standing up with in the upcoming wedding.

The older sister was hesitant to introduce the  two...she kept telling her younger sister that she knew if she introduced them that they would fall in love and get married and if they ever had a fight or got divorced, she didn't want her sister to blame her for their troubles and risk loosing her because of it!

Well, it had to happen sooner or later...the younger sister finally met the guy, they did in fact fall in love, and almost one year later, on June 27th of 1980, the couple got married.

Over the years, the couple had their ups and downs...both good and hard times, but as the years went by their love grew and grew, and GREW...they had their share of petty squabbles and even a few...let's say... "dissagreements" from time to time, but they never blamed the older sister...

...she had worried for nothing because it wasn't ever the sister's fault when they had their was the guy's fault!! :)

Today is the 32nd Anniversary of the younger sister and the guy she stood up with in that wedding all of those years ago, and I am sure that by now you have all figured out that "I" am the younger sister, and this little story was about me and my WONDERFUL husband John...

...but this story is also about a sister, one that I love very much, and I thank her every day for introducing me to my Johnny!!

Yesterday John came home from work and surprised me a day early with my flowers...EVERY year now, he has gotten me a dozen red roses for our anniversary, but this year he told the girl at the flower shop to "mix it up a little" and put in a little somthing of the prettiest flowers she special is that!!!

Except for a dozen light pink tulips that I got delivered to me at work one day about 15 years ago..."just because"...I think that these are my favorites!

The card simply said...I was looking for LOVE...and I found YOU!!

I am going to show you a few pictures of those flowers now...I had to take several because every time I turned the vase, I saw something new and prettier than I did before...I hope you enjoy...

Everything from Red, Yellow, Pink, Coral and Lavender colored Roses... Carnations and Lilies...

...Irises and more Roses...

...I don't know what this pale pink flower is at the lower left, but it is so soft and pretty..

...beautiful, bold color everywhere you look...

...I think that this one is my favorite...

...what a GREAT guy!!!

Well, my Friends...I have to get started with my day. As always, I want to thank you all for stopping by, for your lovely comments, and all of the wonderful emails...I cherrish you all!!

Enjoy your day and I will be back tomorrow with  a few small "peeks"...

Take care, Tina


  1. Happy Anniversary! I was reading the story and thought you were the older sister until you admitted differently. ~Ann

    P.S. VERY dry here in NW Ohio

  2. Tina,
    Happy Anniversary to you both! Love hearing, "how we met" stories...great fun!
    Yes, I know that man on a horse is a beauty!!!
    Enjoy the big day, my friend...and many, many more,

  3. Happy Anniversary !!!! What beautiful them. Have a wonderful day with your husband.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Great story.... beautiful flowers! Enjoy your special day together!

  5. Happy Anniversary~ Gorgeous arrangement~ they would make me melt~

  6. What a beautiful love story! Happy, happy anniversary to 2 very special people. May you have many more happy years together. Your flowers are gorgeous! Enjoy your day. Hugs, Lori

  7. Morning Tina, Such a sweet, love story. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. It so does my heart good to hear of couples who have stayed together through the good times and bad,and that true love still exsists. Mr p and I will celebrate 39 years next month. Enjoy your day and your beautiful flowers

  8. Happiest of anniversaries to you and John!! Stunning flowers! So sweet that he decided to "mix it up." Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a great arrangement and a great guy!! Congrats. Blessings for tons more!! ~Sara

  10. Oh my what a pretty story! Glad you found your soul mate and one and flowers are beautiful.Happy Anniversary!~Amy