Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hello Friends!!!

I am so sorry...I wanted to post something early this morning, but my Internet has been down ALL DAY LONG!!! We have been having issues (cutting in and out) since Saturday afternoon!! Grrrrr!

First of all, I want to thank you all for stopping by my up-date last night!!! I was pleased to see that so many folks were able to take a minute to stop over and view my offerings...and very pleased also that every single piece that I offered will now be going to a wonderful new home!!

I took this photo last week when I was out walking in the back yard. John was picking up small branches that blew off with the bad wind we had recently and of course I was watching him do all of the work while my little gears were just grinding away.

Don't ask me how I came up with something so, ummmm, so "different"...but then again, "I" am a little different, so...

This is what I came up with...a Valentines Day Greeting from me to you, made up of small twigs and some of my antique heart-shaped cookie cutters!!

Wishing you all a day filled with LOVE and plenty of HUGS from your favorite Sweetheart!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. I missed out on getting any of your items.... I wasn't able to get on until an hour or so after your update..... everything had sold out by then!! Congrats on such a successful sale!!

    Love your valentine greeting -- so cute and clever.... Hope your V'Day evening is a good one!

  2. Your Valentine greeting is very fun and creative!

  3. congrats tina on finding new homes for all your treasures you made! also love your valentines wish, very creative! hope you had a happy day too!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Wonderful offerings Tina! I wish one of them was coming to my house but I know the person that got it will treasure it always. Hugs,Lori

  5. Hi Tina,
    I stopped by your update and saw you had sold all your sweet offerings!! There is no greater thrill than seeing your hard work loved by someone who will treasure it! Congratulations!!
    I also wanted to comment about your amazing photo with the hearts and twigs.....I ADORE it!!! Thank you so much for sharing it and I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!
    Warm Blessings~~