Monday, September 5, 2011

New Projects and More...

Greetings Friends...

I am really busy today, but I promised to post a little something "fun" before I leave for vacation tomorrow, so here it is...

Our son Josh :) came out a day early...he is house-sitting with two of his buddies (and his puppies) for us while we are away...and is helping John with the last of the yard clean-up from that bad storm we got the other day...I am inside CLEANING and packing, and all of the other fun stuff that goes along with getting ready for a vacation!! (SHHHHH...I hate to admit it, but I have let a few things slip around the house these past couple of weeks, so now I am paying for it!!)

Anyways...we leave tomorrow for an entire week on a beautiful lake about 2 1/2 hours north of here.

I have decided to start working on some of my cross stitching again. It has been a while since I have designed anything new, so I am taking along a couple of new (and old) projects to work on while I sit down by the lake and relax...did I just say "relax"??? Oh how WONDERFUL that word sounds!!!

I was also thinking that if I can get a few things stitched up, I may even try to have a small "Harvest Up-date" on my picture-trail in a couple of weeks. Don't hold me to that...I said that I will "try"!!! :)

Here are a couple of the projects I will be taking with me...

The sampler pattern is a project that I have been meaning to do for myself for some time now. The project on the right is one of my new Fall designs...I am deliberately not showing you all of it. I know...I am such a tease!!

I have been so busy the past several months that I haven't even been able to read my last three issues of "A Simple Life" magazine...seriously, I haven't even opened the last two issues!! I think that these will go out in the boat with me and while John "tries" to reel in "the big one"...I will be lost in "early" Heaven...just as long as the boat doesn't bob up and down too much and I don't get motion sickness while trying to read them!! :{  GULP  (I feel myself turning green as I think about it!!!)

Of course I am taking my camera along so I hope to have some fun pictures to post when we get home...I may even try to post a few while we are up there!!

Well, my friends...I have to finish packing so off I go...

Until next time, I wish you all a WONDERFUL week, and as always, I thank you all so kindly for stopping by!!

:) :) :) Tina


  1. Have a wonderful and safe vacation Tina!!


  2. Have a wonderful vacation!! It sounds like a perfect get-away to me, as my husband and I like to do the same thing.... I take along my stitching and magazines -- he fishes (and usually catches nothing!)..... But we sooooo enjoy just being out on a lake somewhere....

    Look forward to your new cross-stitch designs!!

  3. Hi Tina...well you are probably well into your vacation by now.
    Can't wait to see pictures!

    Your take along projects look much like mine do when we travel - always save up my favorite magazines to read if I KNOW I'M GOING IN THE CAR for any length of time.