Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back From Vacation...

Hello Friends!!!

I called my sweet friend Stephanie today and she asked me why I haven't posted anything about my vacation yet, so Stephanie...your wish is my command!!!

Our vacation was MAGNIFICENT!!! We were gone for eight straight days in the great north woods of Wisconsin, and it was one of the most relaxing eight days we have ever spent!!!

We rented a small, private cottage on a lake just north of where I graduated high school. I was hoping to see a few of my old classmates who still live in the area, but the closest I came was when John and I stopped at a small bar and grill for a pizza one evening and the girl who waited on us ended up being the daughter of the boy I went to prom with my freshman year!!!

The most fun we had was on Friday when John's best friend from high school and his wife both took the afternoon off from work, drove up to the lake (they have a cottage on the same lake we stayed) and they picked us up on their pontoon and we spent 5 1/2 hours cruising the lake then out to our favorite little restaurant for a famous Wisconsin Friday night "fish fry".

One of the most exciting moments for me was when I was sitting inside one morning trying to connect to the Internet while John was out fishing...I heard some really loud screeching and thought that a couple of gulls were fighting, but when I went down to the dock, I looked two cottages over and saw a pair of Bald Eagles!!!

I couldn't believe would have been a treat, but to see two of them together was an AMAZING sight!!! Here are a couple of shots...yup...I was actually able to get a few pictures of both of them!!!

Here is a shot of both eagles sitting together. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL? (You can click on the pics to enlarge them a little)

I got a little too close and here is the first one flying away.

The second eagle spotted me here and is looking right at me!!

The second eagle flying away....I was so excited to be able to snap a few shots!!!

I also wanted to post a couple of pictures of my new book "AN EARLY CHRISTMAS" as the first pages were rolling off the press, but I will try to do that in a day or two...John and I are meeting our son for dinner tonight...there is a new authentic Mexican restaurant in Appleton and we hear it is really good, so I have to run.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by...more later...Tina


  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! I'm glad you were able to relax..... Sometimes we feel like we are more tired from our vacation than from our everyday life! It's nice to just be able to enjoy.....
    Can't wait to see pics of your new book!!
    Love Mexican food... have a nice dinner!

  2. Hi Tina,
    So glad you had a wonderful time in my beautiful state.
    We were up north last week camping...and we saw two Eagles as well.

    Isn't it relaxing doing what you did??? How wonderful.
    I signed up for your book...hope I get some information when it's time.


  3. Love the eagle pics!! We see them sometimes here on the Rappahannock river! They really are awesome! We get to see some Osprey also!
    Sounds like a great, relaxing vacation! So glad yo were able to go!