Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"An Early Christmas" Book

Greetings Friends...

I just wanted to let you all know that I have opened a couple of new albums on my Picturetrail!! I have added several new preview pictures that will be featured in my new Christmas book, "An Early Christmas" and I am sure that you will want to check them out!!

There is also information posted for ordering and pre-payments, etc. Wholesale information will be coming shortly...we are having a little trouble getting the pay button set up, but should have that up and working very soon!! Please note the new email address also...I have had so many problems with my AOL account that I had no choice but to get a new one set up!

This is the cover photo to my new book, "An Early Christmas"!!

Enjoy...and as always, thank you so much for stopping by!!

Kind Regards, Tina


  1. Tina ~ I would like to order one of these...can I email you directly?

  2. Hi Lori...yes, you can email me directly. I tried to email you earlier and my email came back, so here is my email... Thanks so very much!!! I truly apprciate it!! Tina

  3. The book looks wonderful! I will be ordering a copy soon. I know it will be very successful! Congratulations!


  4. Hi, Tina
    New to your blog~ wow~ beautiful picturetrail~ looks like a beautiful Christmas book~ I found you through"Not forgotten Farm"~ Look forward to more of your blog & pictrail~

  5. How wonderful Tina,
    I am off to pre-order. Congratulations and the cover is gorgeous.

    I am slowly getting my blog list on my sidebar AGAIN and you are there!


  6. I received my copy in this morning's post and one word summarises this book-breathtaking.Thank you for shipping to me overseas Tina and many,many congratulations on your huge success.

  7. hi there! is this book still available?