Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where Do I Begin...

Hello Friends!!!!!!!
I have missed you all so much!
I know that it has been forever since my last post, but so much has been going on that I don't even know where to begin!!!
Hmmmm, how about if I just start at the beginning...the beginning of December that is! :)
As you all know, we sold our saltbox home and moved closer to my husband's company. It was a very sad departure for us but we did it and now we are starting a new chapter of our lives here in southeastern WI. After many disappointments and several months of searching, we finally found and purchased a house. It isn't anything like what we were hoping to find, but we purchased it anyways because we very badly wanted (and needed) to be in a house by Christmas. We settled on a nice, but somewhat smaller Colonial home with a big back yard in a very nice country neighborhood. We absolutely love the area and so far have met some very nice neighbors. I really think we are going to like living here. :)
The house itself is nice, but not early looking at all, and it needs some up-dating both inside and out. I am, however, having a really hard time liking it without always comparing it to our saltbox. All of the trim and woodwork is solid OAK...a very pretty wood in it's own right, but very orange in color and...JUST NOT ME!!! The flooring is a combination of oak hardwood, carpet and tile...again, all beautiful, just NOT ME! The exterior is also very dated in color and appearance, so we are going to be up-dating that for well as the overgrown landscaping.
I was hoping to be able to paint the trim and cabinetry, pull up and replace some of the flooring, husband is fighting me every step of the way. You see...this is only a temporary home for us and he keeps thinking "resale-resale-resale" so to him, putting a ton of money into this place would be a big mistake...I guess I agree with him to a point, but decorating is sort of "my thing" if you know what I mean, and it sure would make little old me a lot happier if I could "early things up a little" and at least take the home's appearance back a couple of hundred years!
Maybe if I whine enough he will get sick of listening to me and give in...notice I said MAYBE...time will tell, but I am going to be making a few changes, so I will be sure to take you all with me as I make those changes in the months to come.
December was not only busy with the moving, but I also did most of my traveling for the new Christmas book I have coming out this Fall. I actually finished up my travels in mid January, so with moving, traveling, and Christmas thrown in the mix...not to mention tax time...I HAVE BEEN VERY BUSY!!!
I have also been working on a few new cross stitch patterns and I just released the new ones on Tuesday. If interested, you can click on the link in the top left corner of this page to go to my PT to check them out. I have had a wonderful response to my pattern line and there are so many of you who have contributed in making this such a successful venture for me  that I have decided to give you all a little thank-you for all of your orders and the kindness you have all showed over the past several months.
I have had numerous requests for this design, so I thought that it would be a good choice for my first give-a-way.
©2013 Tina Woltman
The wonderful dolly in the picture was made by my friend Lori Rippey of and she is holding a little pin-keep that I designed for her called "For My Friend". ...because Lori is such a good one...friend that is...but now that I think about it, she is real doll too! :)
Here is the chart...I have never posted a pattern before, so I hope that you will all be able to save and/or copy it.
Now on to some very sad news....
Back in October I announced some WONDERFUL news about our daughter Hannah expecting our first little grand baby. About a month ago we got the news that she was having some trouble with her pregnancy and we recently got more bad news. I won't go into all of the details of her complications, but she is only 25 weeks along, which is far too early to deliver. She is on complete bed rest due to these complications and there will most likely be a premature delivery. She has already been hospitalized once and we are all doing everything we can to help her both physically and emotionally, and her doctor has been amazing, but I think that prayers are what we need most right now, so can I ask that you all please take a moment to say a prayer for both Hannah and our sweet little baby? As anxious as we all are to meet this little darling, baby needs to be patient and stay put for several more weeks!!
Well my friends, on that note I think that I need to sign off before I start crying all over again :(
Thank you all so much for stopping by...your visits, emails and kind words are always so much appreciated!!
Enjoy Your Day...Tina


  1. Sending prayers for the new little one your daughter is carrying. Also for you to find contentment and be able to do a little decorating.Blessings~Sara

  2. Hi happy to hear from you. I'm sure your new home will be wonderful after you work your magic! Hope you will share some pics with us very soon.
    Can hardly wait for your new book...I'll be first in line...again!
    Know how anxious you all must be waiting for your grand baby...will be remembering you all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take good care,

  3. How wonderful to read your blog again I'll missed you.
    I had a big smile on my face reading your planning of decorating your new home.... My DH loves plain and straight, I like old and prim.... LOL!
    And I say a pray for the little one...
    Have faith,
    groetjes van Marijke (NL)

  4. Hello Tina,
    Sending prayers to your Hannah and baby.
    Hoping you get to make some changes to your new home.
    I really do understand the need to be surrounded by things that make your heart sing.(decorating is my passion)
    Can't wait for your new book!


  5. Sending up prayers for Hannah and the baby.I hope you are able to make a few changes to make your new house feel like home.I know if I whine enough hubby usually gives Blessings!~Amy

  6. Prayers for Hannah and her baby.... I know how stressful this time is in all your lives.
    Decorating my home is my thing, too, and can't imagine not being able to make my house the way I'd like it.... So I hope you are able to follow through on some of the plans you have in mind!
    Looking forward to seeing your new patterns.....I'll have to head over there to see them!
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Prayers for your family...I hope everything will be okay. Hope you get to share some pics soon of the new place. Loving all the new patterns too!

  8. Thanks so much for all of your prayers for our Hannah and sweet little baby...I knew I could count on you. I have been receiving some very touching and encouraging emails as well as your thoughtful comments here...I appreciate you all very much! Tina

  9. Thank you Tina! For your sweet words and for this special pattern. It's one of my favorites and I am blessed to own one of these stitched by your hands.
    Continued prayers for Hannah, the baby and all of you that love them. Take care my sweet friend. Big hugs, Lori

  10. Sending prayers for your daughter and the baby. I hope everything will be okay.
    She has a very loving family to help support her through this all.

    I hope you find some time to enjoy working some magic in your new home. Your decorating is the most beautiful. I am sure you can make this home gorgeous .

    Glad you are blogging again.

  11. Oh Tina, so glad you found some time to post. I'll be praying faithfully for your daughter and her little one. I'm sure you'll make your temporary house a wonderful one. Love all your new cross stitch designs too. Take care and please keep us updated.

  12. Many prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I truly hope everything will be ok. There is nothing more important than family and health. Thank you for the pattern and I can't wait to receive the ones that I have ordered.I just finished another one of your patterns and it is beautiful. I will be thinking about you!
    Many Many Blessings

  13. Hi Tina!

    It is great to see your post this morning. I am glad that you are settled and I am sure you can make your new home look beautiful. I will be thinking of and praying for your daughter and grandbaby. Hopefully everything will work out and she will be able to go full term with the baby. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us. I will have to try and find time to make it. I cannot wait to see your next book. I loved the first one and I know the second one will be just as good. I hope you have a good weekend!


  14. Prayers are being said for all. Liz

  15. Prayers for the precious little life and your daughter. The argument I always use - making a house unique to stand apart from the ordinary always pays back! Doesn't always work but isn't that a good argument?

  16. Thank you all for your prayers and such kind and thoughtful comments!!! Hannah has another appointment on Monday so hopefully we will get some good news this time. **MARLY...I will most definitely use that argument!!! :) I have tried everything esle so who knows...that one might just work! Thanks again everyone, I truly appreciate you all!! Tina

  17. The power of prayer is very strong, as is the power of love. You have both of these in your wonderful family and friends. Am so praying everything will be fine.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns you are designing, what a delight to stitch up, and continued success with this venue, and the new book, can't wait for that.

    Just do one room the way you want it and live in there! Never thought of oak as orangy but you've put an entirely new perspective on it, will never look at it the same way again, and no, I don't have it!

    Take care, so glad to see you blogging again.


  18. Hi Tina
    I feel your pain about your house! We lived in 21 different houses in 30 years,( Marine Corps life). While I sort of enjoyed the challenge of a new home, most of the time we couldn't alter them. We wives did everything to personalize our homes. I was always the "different" one, but I stenciled on muslin strips and put them up with starch, you probably remember when that was popular. It Helped a little. The good part was when we left I could just pull it down and use it in the next place.:)I hope that you get to work on your house soon.
    Prayers for your daughter and grand baby. I surly hope you get good news soon!
    Looking forward to your book also! I LOVE my x-stitch patterns from you too:)

  19. First off Tina I am sending prayers for Hannah and the beautiful grandbaby that will arrive well and on time!
    Congratulations on finding a home you can kind of 'love'...I know what you mean by 'comparing' but how can you help not.
    I do hope you get to do just a few of the things you want to make living there pleasant for you for the duration - till you find/build that PERFECT home again. I so understand.
    Oh I can't wait for your new book!!!!
    And thank you for the's adorable.

  20. Tina,

    I so hope all goes well for your daughter and grandbaby. Oh so many years ago I was put on bed rest and believed I would deliver my son early, I took him within 2 days of my due date, I hope for the same for Hannah.
    I understand your pain, we too have a home that we know we will sell one day, so there is oak trim and doors... though here and there I have done what I can to make it as prim as I could... I wish for more... maybe in the next house... good luck! OLM

  21. Tina, I'll be praying for Hanna and Baby, and for all of you!

  22. Oh, Tina! I think that we are soul sisters. I completely understand EVERYTHING you are saying about your house. I compare too. The only difference is we are living in an old farmhouse until we are able to build our saltbox. So I am constantly complaining about what doesn't work in this house, but I'm sure will work in the other, or what I can't do in this one that I know I can do in the other, because the saltbox style is what I love so much. I can see my husband and I having the same argument regarding the oak. I'm sure in time you will find just what works and it will be all you love.
    I am so sorry to hear of your daughters issues with her pregnancy. Our daughter in law is also 25 weeks along, so I can only imagine your worries. Please know that she, the baby and your family will all be in our prayers.

  23. Saying a little prayer for your daughter and grandbaby. Thank you for sharing with us your pinkeep, It was very nice of you. Good luck with your house too...Janice

  24. Saying a prayer for your grandbaby. Last year Feb. 29, my granddaughter was born at 24 weeks and four days. The doctors and nurses tried to get my son and daughter-in-law to let her die because of so many complications. They refused and trusted God. One year later Madison is doing great. She has a few problems that preemies have but shows no signs of the brain damage that they predicted.Prayer works miracles!