Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Classics...

Good Morning Friends...
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!
Ours was such fun! We spent the day at my Mom's house and I got to see two of my siblings, a few nieces and nephews, and our son...we missed those who weren't there, but thoroughly enjoyed spending time with those who were able to make the trip. We feasted and laughed and relived some old childhood and family memories...feasted some more, and...well, I think you get the picture! :)
Now that we have all made it through the "season's" first big weekend...some of us a little "plumper" than others...I think that it's time to start talking "CHRISTMAS"!!!
One of the first things I do each year as the holidays approach us is to get out all of my Christmas movies!! For me, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without them!
If you are like me, and love watching holiday movies, then you might also have a collection of favorites. I have been collecting for many years and try to purchase at least one or two new ones every year. I usually start watching them in early November, and I try to watch every single one of them at least once. I watch some of my favorites over and over again...some of them up to a dozen times or more, and I never tire of them!
For today's post, I thought that I might share some of my favorites with you. Maybe you'll see one or two that you don't already have, or maybe it will start you collecting some for yourself...or maybe, just maybe, one very special movie that I share with you today will bring back a fond Christmas memory from your past.
Here are some of my favorites.....
I love to find these "Collector Sets". You get four movies for the price of one! I just found the set on the left last week. I purchased it because it had "Young Pioneers' Christmas" included. I have an old version of it that I taped off of the TV back in the 80's, but that old VHS tape was really starting to get worn. I was so excited to have found this one!! Two of my other favorites here are "Silent Night" and "A Christmas Visitor".

The three shown here may be geared towards a little younger viewing audience, but I just love them all!! "Prancer" will steal your heart...I know it did mine! "Samantha" and "Felicity" are both adapted from the "American Girl" doll book series and are simply fun, fun, fun!

Here are three of my "TV" favorites from the 70's and 80's. Of course we all love anything from the "Little House on the Prairie" series. This one features "Christmas at Plum Creek" and "A Christmas They Never Forgot". I also have "BLIZZARD", which is my favorite of all the Little House episodes. "The House Without a Christmas Tree" came out in 1972 and I can still remember watching this one with my oldest sister when we were young girls. of my very favorites, "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" starring Richard Thomas...I just LOVE this one!!!

Ahhhh, who could forget these?!!!!! Great old TV Classics from the 50's and early 60's. All but one were made before I was born, but I remember watching the re-runs of the "Lassie" episodes when I was a child. How about you remember any of these?

More of the "Old Classics" I have to say, I just love the old ones!! And I especially love them if they are can find many of these great old movies in the color versions...but like I said, I love them color or not! :)

"Little Women"!!! Who doesn't have at least one of these in their collection? I have three of the four versions that I know of. I think that the latest version, starring Winona Ryder, is my favorite of the three, but I have to say that the 1949 version starring June Allyson as Jo and Elizabeth Taylor as fussy little Amy is a close second for me. The version on the left came out in 1933 and the one that I am missing is one that came out sometime in the 70's and starred Susan Dey (Laurie from The Partridge Family) as Jo and Eve Plumb (Jan from The Brady Bunch) as Beth. Do any of you remember that one??? No one that I have ever mentioned it to seems to remember it...but I do!!

More "oldies, but goodies"!!! I love anything with Bing Crosby...Here he stars in "White Christmas" with Danny much fun...and how about  "Christmas in Connecticut" starring the late, GREAT Barbara Stanwyck?!!! This one is absolutely FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!!

And last, but not least..."HOLIDAY INN" favorite Bing Crosby movie. I just watched this one this morning. (For the fifth time now since Nov. 1st) and I will never tire of it!! I always watch the B&W version first, then I watch the color version...over and over again! I just love that it takes place in New England and the scenes when it is snowing, are simply magical!!! My favorite scenes are in the beginning and the end, when Bing Crosby and Marjore Reynolds sing "White Christmas" of my all-time favorite Christmas songs!!!
Here you go on the link and you will see one of the reasons that I love this wonderful old movie so much!!
Well Friends, I have many more that I would love to share with you, but I am running out of time and I have a very busy day ahead of me. Before I go though, I have to ask..."What's your favorite Christmas movie?"
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I truly enjoy doing that too. I also have to watch the sound of music, even though it isn't Christmas.Love most of the ones you mentioned.

  2. Yes the moment in the movie where they open the doors en it is snowing truly magical!
    groetjes van Marijke

  3. We have the same tradition here.... MUST watch as many Christmas movies as possible between Thanksgiving and Christmas! We start with Miracle on 34th Street on Thanksgiving, if we can.... it is a favorite of our's.....
    A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott is my fave!! We have 2-3 older versions, which I also love, but I think George C. Scott does a fabulous Ebenezer Scrooge. LOVE that movie!
    Gotta say that we also try to watch the cartoony shows from our childhood..... Rudolph, Charlie Brown, Frosty..... even though we are no spring chickens!!
    I see some new movies on your list that I will have to look for.... TFS!!!!

  4. Oh what a wonderful post! Such memories.I love Holiday Inn, as well as White Christmas, oh I love them all. Enjoy the shows. ~Sara

  5. Great post Tina! I watch so many holiday movies, my husband constantly teases me. I actually start watching them right after Halloween !! You have a great selection.

  6. You have named most of my old favorites. It's a Wonderful Life is the one that always begins the season for me. I have found a new favorite. It's called The Ultimate Gift. It really tears at my heartstrings. I LOVE IT! A must see, for sure.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I thoroughly enjoyed it!