Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Pattern Line...

Hello Friends...
I wanted to post a quick note to thank you all for the wonderful response I have been getting since launching my New Cross Stitch Pattern Line yesterday afternoon!!
I have gotten so many emails and orders already and I really do appreciate you all very much!!
I have been getting a few questions that I will try to answer right now...
Lots of you are asking for Fall and Halloween designs...I will be adding a few later this week, though I won't be adding many, just the most requested ones for now.
I have also been getting many requests for my pin-keep designs. Those are coming as well, so please watch for them in the next couple of weeks. I need time to work on getting the patterns made and that takes a little time.
I will also be adding other designs periodically, so just please feel free to check back from time to time. I'll try to post a little something whenever I add the new designs. :)
I thought that you might like to see what the finished patterns will look like, so here is a little peek at what you will be getting...
I had a little trouble with glare on this one...

A "simple" cover design, but I have never been one for alot of "fru fru"!! (did I spell that right???)

This little sheep wants to get in on the action!! :)
Thanks again for your emails and continued support...I really appreciate you all very much!
***Also, before I sign off, some of you may have noticed that I deleted yesterday's post about "Pattern Pirates". I deliberately didn't list the person's name or the name of the site she was on and now I am getting emails with concerned folks who are "wrongfully" accusing people and pointing fingers at sellers who have an item for sale that even slightly resembles the pattern I posted a picture of yesterday. I know how touchy this subject has become, and I feel for all of those who have had their designs stolen, but as I stated yesterday, it was NOT my intent to slam anyone, just to let it be known that I don't appreciate having my "original" designs please, although I TRULY appreciate your concern...PLEASE don't assume that you know who I was referring to and take it upon yourselves to spread the word and accuse an innocent person...THANK YOU!!
Have a wonderful day,


  1. Just wanted to say your patterns are awesome~can't wait to get mine and order some more of them! Best wishes on this new venture!

  2. Tina: Love the pattern designs and covers! I'm excited about my order! Please keep designing !!! ~jeanne~

  3. Congratulations, Tina! And lucky for us. I used to stitch non-stop (years ago), but then a bout with carpal tunnel and failing eyesight made me put aside my needle and take up a hook (rug hooking)....but in the past few years, I've managed to work a few stitchies in here and there....(hands are a bit better, but eyes, a LOT worse). I see you're going to push me over the edge and back into compulsive stitching.... Gonna wait till the end of the week and see what you put together for fall/Halloween, and then you can look for my order. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Your patterns are wonderful, Tina! Best of luck to you as you launch your own line of cross stitch designs...I love them all!!!