Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prayer Request

Greetings Friends...

I come to you this afternoon with a very heavy heart as I have just learned that a friend of mine is in desperate need of your prayers!!

About a year or so ago, I got an email from an on-line follower who lived near me in Appleton. Her name is Margie. We began emailing back and forth, getting to know a little bit about each other, and last June when I had my big garage sale, Margie drove out to our saltbox and we finally got to meet each other in person...she is a wonderfully delightful person, very nice and friendly!!

This morning I got an email from her and her words literally broke my heart!!

Here is a paragraph that I copied and pasted from that email, and the reason I am asking you ALL to PLEASE pray for little Kristin, Margie's daughter...


Just an update for you, last month we found out that unfortunately my 12 year old daughter Kristin has an aggressive growing cancerous tumor in her head. We are actually admitted to the Children's Hospital in Madison right now - for about the 5th time since we found out. She's been undergoing chemotherapy every Friday for the past few weeks and daily radiation for about another 5 weeks. She just had surgery this afternoon to put a gastronomy feeding tube into her stomach so that I will be able to give her extra nutrition since she's had such bad mouth sores due to the treatments that she can't eat, drink or talk. It's being done through an IV currently. The main priority right now is to get her pain under control as she has been on a morphine drip to try and help her cope. The good news is that they were able to do that surgery g-tube today and not next Monday as the sooner we get some nutrition in her and control her pain the sooner she'll start feeling a little better.


***Wishing you all the best Kristin! We are all praying for a speedy and full recovery...sending great BIG healing hugs your way...our thoughts and prayers are with you!! :) :) :) ***

Thank you in advance to all of my friends...I appreciate this very much!!

Kind Regards,


  1. Tina~ Sending up prayers for Kristin and her family.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Tina~
    Sending my thoughts and prayers for Kristin & the family~

  3. Oh my gosh Tina, I'm so sorry for Margies daughter and her whole family.
    I will pray for Kristin.

  4. Tina,
    We'll be sending up prayers and lighting candles for Kristin and her family.

  5. I will put Kristin's name on a national prayer list for her complete healing and the strength and comfort for her family. May God hold in his arms and bring her thru this. Blessings,Linda

  6. Sending up healing prayers for Kristin. My heart goes out to the entire family and I will hold them all up in prayer. Thank you for letting us know Tina. I believe in the power of prayer. May our Heavenly Father touch this family in the way only He can. Big healing hugs for Kristin, Lori

    1. Dear Tina ~~
      As Lori from HomeSpunPrims said so Perfectly ....
      "Sending up healing prayers for Kristin. My heart goes out to the entire family and I will hold them all up in prayer. Thank you for letting us know Tina. I believe in the power of prayer. May our Heavenly Father touch this family in the way only He can.
      Big healing hugs for Kristin."
      Connie xox

  7. All mighty God, please bring healing and faith to Kristen in her time of need and strength to her family in their dispare.

  8. I certainly will pray. Having solicited prayers for my granddaughter in blogland for the past 6 months, I know bloggers are prayers.

  9. So very sad, Tina..... Many thoughts and prayers for Kristin and her family...

  10. I've had friends go through this and it makes me ill to think of what children must endure. Could mom let us know Kristen's interests/likes and we can send something to the hospital or home?

  11. A parents worst nightmare. Prayers for the dear girl and her family.

  12. How sad! I will keep Kristen and her family in my prayers.

  13. I will pray for healing for this girl and strenght for her family!
    groetjes Marijke (NL)

  14. Thanks so much everyone!!! I appreciate you all so much!! Please keep the prayers coming, and I will keep you all up-dated on Kristin's progress. Marly...I will try to get you the information you are asking for...THANK YOU!! Enjoy your day ladies...Tina

  15. OMG! It is so sad to hear this about a kid, I am tears now thinking of that family. Sending prayers for them.

  16. I can't imagine what she is going through. I will definitely keep them all in my prayers.

  17. Ladies I know first hand how faith in the finished act by Jesus heals mind, body and spirit. My 13 yr old grd-daughter Akeyla had major surgery after several years of difficult illness ,her mom Nikki had surgery and was healed from throat cancer at 22 - she is now 32, and God is even now walking me through the process of healing major depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorder! I know it is only the healing promises of God and His strength and staying in His word of truth that has walked us through into the light of day. I pray peace, healing and strength to Kristen who is beloved by God, Margie, and all family and friends.

  18. ~ Tina ~ I will pray for Kristen & her family. I couldn't possibly imagine what they are going through. Your a dear to ask for prayers. I too believe in the power of prayer! A warm hug to you, Dear Kristen & her family. All My Best ~Kimberly