Thursday, January 12, 2012

IT'S COMING!!!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone...IT'S COMING!!!!

Our first real big snow that is!!!!!

I am excited beyond belief!! We are expected to get 3 to 6 inches today!!!
Initially we were supposed to get 6 to 10 inches, but they have down-graded the storm, so now we have to settle for about half of what I had hoped for, but I'll take what I can get!!

I know that most of you don't share the same enthusiasm that I do for WINTER, but I love my seasons, and I figure if it is going to be cold out side, it may as well look pretty!!

So far there is just a dusting...but by the end of the day, we will have a beautiful layer of fresh fallen SNOW!!!

Today I plan to sit my sitting room, of course. I am going to build myself a nice little you can see, I have my kindling box full and ready to get things "fired" up as soon as I finish this post.

It has been so long since I have taken the time to sit and design, stitch, or today I am going to dedicate myself to doing just that!!

I make no excuses for the mess you see in the above photo...this is what it looks like when I design my samplers and pin-keeps. I "make things up" as I go, so I am always working on several designs at once...this means pieces of linen and threads of every color all piled up next to me!!

I jump from one idea to another...sometimes I have five or six projects going all at once, instead of starting just one project and sticking with it until I finish it.

Most of you stitchers out there are probably rolling your eyes and shaking your heads, but there really is a logical reason behind all of my madness and to try to explain it to you, would take forever, and time's a tickin', so I should close for now and get to work!!

I just want to mention a couple of things before I sign off...

First, I have had an awful lot of emails going into my spam for the past few weeks...we had a BAD scare a while ago because of an email that I opened that went to my looked like it was from a customer ordering a book and it wasn't, and so from now on, I will NEVER open any emails that go into my spam, not even if they look like they are coming from my own mother, so if you have emailed me lately and have NOT gotten a response...that is probably why!!!

We added some extra virus protection to my computer recently, and I think that is why so many emails are going to my spam. I am very sorry if this has inconvenienced any of you, but I would much rather be safe than sorry!!

Second...I will be having my first up-date for 2012 in the near future. I will post something here and on my PT with a date and time as soon as I decide when to have it, so please watch for that. I don't always send out mass emails to notify folks, but I will try to send one out this time.

HINT: This up-date will consist of ONLY hand-made items!!! NO antique offerings, just framed samplers, pin-keeps, and hookings!!!

OK...that's all I have time for right now...the snow is coming down a lot faster and more heavily now, so I have to get down stairs, make myself a cup of hot chocolate, get into my sitting room to get that fire going and start working on my stitching!!!

Thank you all for stopping by...if you live in an area that is going to be affected by the storms and have to go out and about today...PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY...GO SLOW and stay safe!!!!

A Happy "Snow Day" to all!!



  1. Looks like a very "fine" mess to me! I'm sure it will produce many wonderful things. Enjoy the fire and the snow...sounds like the perfect combo to hook or stitch by...oh, and hot chocolate is always a good addition.
    Enjoy your day,
    Did you get the photo I sent you of Michael Landon holding my daughter years age at National Down Syndrome Convention? It must have landed in your spam.

  2. Tina~
    How lucky you are having a warm and cozy day with SNOW! I have been hoping for some, but's it's gonna be 60 degrees in NC today. Can't wait to see goodies you're stitching! Are you still planning a pattern line? Have a wonderful day!

  3. I love the new fallen snow every thing is clean new and fresh! I hope we get some flakes this season here in Holland!
    groetjes Marijke

  4. Hi Tina, sounds like you will have the most perfect day. I share your love for snow, we just don't get much in the south. Of course last year was an exception and I loved it. Enjoy your day. Be sure to take pictures of the snow. Have a fun time stitching.

  5. Tina,
    We are getting snow too! I shoveled the deck off once already. I love winter too. I just as soon have it cold with snow when it's supposed to be winter. And its always cozy to sit and work on a project in a snug and warm house. I can picture you by your fire stitching away. Wish I could join you for a day of stitching! Can't wait to see your offerings. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Lori

  6. What a perfect sounding day! We are waiting on the snow to get here,hoping that it does soon.Hugs,Jen

  7. How exciting!!...I LOVE SNOW!!...we don't get hardly any here in Central Virginia seems to snow just to our north, south, east, and west LOL...enjoy the storm Tina and LET IT SNOW!!!

    Janet :)

  8. Sounds like the perfect day.I share your love for a nice snow day snuggled inside.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. WOW Tina we have a lot in common!!! We work the same way and we both LOVE snow!!! Though we've had a few promises of snow,they never came here in Ohio. BUT TODAY I got up to several inches of the beautiful white stuff and it's STILL snowing!!!! I think snow is one of the most beautiful things there is,especially at nite when it sparkles like diamonds!!! A real lift to my spirits!!!

  10. I live in southern Missouri, we still are without snow.
    I am enjoying your lovely blog.....